About Jeremy

Jeremy Rochford is an author, speaker and award winning athlete. However, his life wasn’t always so positive. Growing up as a morbidly obese child, Jeremy was often a target for bullying, hate-speak and dis-inclusion.

As the years progressed into adolescence and young adulthood, he found himself medicating with food on an emotional level. After years of caloric substance abuse, Jeremy found himself at fulcrum when a family vacation to an amusement park ended with him being kicked off of his favorite ride for being too fat. At a cross roads, Jeremy contemplated one of two options; life change or suicide.

What happened next is amazing.

Jeremy used “the most embarrassing moment of my life” to lead him on a journey in which he’s not only lost 200lbs, but he has kept it off for over a decade. This accomplishment has lead him to the TEDx stage, the front cover of Yahoo Health and the publishing of his memoir "The Gospel According to Chubby.”

Originally a shell of an individual, Jeremy is now known for his humorously creative approach to personal awareness, self estimate building and character development.

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