Is Weight Watchers Really The Solution?

While doing my morning “reading” I came across a headline that read “Biggest Loser’ Winner Reveals Tragic Reason for Rapid Weight Gain…” and as you can imagine, I was instantly intrigued for many reasons.

1) I’m not really the biggest fan of reality TV.

2) I’m really not a fan of producers taking something as serious as a personal weight loss journey and making a game show out of it

3) This wasn’t just a Biggest Loser contestant. This was Ali Vincent, the Season 5 winner.

Ali Vincent recently did an interview with Oprah in which she revealed that a sexual assault triggered her into a relapse of eating that ultimately lead to her gaining back all the weight she lost on the Biggest Loser. While it’s a short video, my heart couldn’t help but be captured for her struggle. Not only as some one who has struggled with emotionally triggered weight gain, but also as a parent of a daughter who will unfortunately have to worry about things like this for the rest of my life.

But as I started to process her “what’s next” steps I found it odd that she seemed to elevate Weight Watchers as her beacon of hope. It wasn’t therapy, or counseling, or even taking her life back. No, it was Weight Watchers. Which, for me, would have been fine if not for the coincidental commercial endorsement from Oprah at about the 2:35 mark of the video.

Don’t get me wrong, I loves me come carbs. However, something just doesn’t sit right with me about how quickly this interview turned from a heart felt public acknowledgement of a very personal situation to what seems like a Weight Watchers infomercial.

Maybe I’m off base with feeling this way or maybe you’ve watched the video and you feel the same way. Regardless, I’d love to know your thoughts on this as well.

Am I right?

Am I wrong?

Am I crazy?