Transformation Thursday- How To Eat Out Like A Boss….

One of the most frequent questions I get is: “Jeremy, how can you eat healthy and in a cost appropriate manner at a restaurant?”

Well- Here’s how.

I start my meal with a salad and if you have a good server, they’ll even refill it for you. Then, I’ll eat about 20% of my entree, normally the part that wont re-heat well and I take the other 80% home.

Whats awesome about this strategy is multi-fold.

First: I’m getting 3 meals for the price of 1.

Second: I don’t feel obligated to finish all my food since I know that I’m taking it home I’m not wasting any money.

Third: Since restaurants are designed to offer “overwhelming value” to entice you to come back, this salad + 20/40/40 approach actually breaks the meal down into what most adults should have from a portion size.

So value, lack of guilt and amazing food can all find cohabitation at the restaurant table.

This approach is a classic Michael Scott Win-Win-Win…

…and that approach has transformed my life.

What are your thoughts…do you have any “Ninja” tips?