I am constantly inspired by the work Jeremy does and think you will be too!”

– Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling Author of Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average & Do Work That Matters

…this dude is Legit!”

– Craig Gross, XXXChurch , HeartSupport, Fireproof Ministries.

The testimony of the Jeremy Rochford and “The Gospel According to Chubby” are absolutely exciting. So many people are going to connect with this book. To learn from Jeremy’s journey and the places he’s been is very encouraging. His story is AMAZING! It should be called “The Gospel According to Formerly Chubby!”

– Mike Weaver, Lead Singer of Big Daddy Weave.

I became overly impressed and a huge (heh, get it?) Jeremy Rochford fan when he told me about his 200lb weight loss journey. He shared everything from food addiction to the little things that continued to spiral him out of control. What blew me away most is that he didn’t have any surgery. No lipo, no lapband, no excuses, he did it the old fashion way… he focused himself.

The Gospel According to Chubby” will tell you about his journey, what made him do what he did, think the way he thought, and feel the way he felt. Whatever your issue, compulsion or hang-up is you will see yourself in the pages. My issue has never been food, but I can relate to where he has been and what he has gone through and I find encouragement for my own failings.

Jeremy does not sensationalize his story. But he doesn’t candy coat it either. He will lay out everything about his physical, emotional, and social decay and will let you know that the biggest issue was his spiritual decay. He doesn’t allow anyone to sit back and say, “Oh, I have a thyroid issue,” or “I’m just chubby.” He calls it like he sees it. Not by pointing the finger saying, “Look at you.” He does it by raising his hand saying, “Look at me. I have a problem. And I found the answer.”

– Justin Lookadoo, International Speaker, Best Selling Author of Dateable: are you? are they?

I had just started reading Blue Like Jazz the day Jeremy gave me a copy of his book but I peeked into The Gospel According to Chubby on the plane and couldn’t put it down….in fact, I wanted to finish it before heading back into Blue Like Jazz…but BLJ was a library rental so I had to finish it or end up owning them a dime or maybe even more! Jeremy is quite the wordsmith and story teller. He really made me feel like I was making the journey along with him.”

– Bob Smiley, Christian Comedian.

WOW, what an amazing story, I saw so much of myself and one of my sons in it. In fact, your little toddler face on the cover actually looks kind of like my little boy. Thank you so much for sharing your story, that could not have been easy! I’m on my own journey at the moment to lose 140 pounds and to teach my children better habits. God is giving me some amazing teachings and the first of them was your book. Thanks again and God Bless!”

– Tracy, Reader Comment.

The Gospel According to Chubby seriously changed my life.”

– Geoff Hunker, Lead Singer of Satellites and Sirens.

As someone who mostly reads fiction, I was a bit hesitant when I picked up this book. I was worried that it wouldn’t hold my attention, but it had me chuckling the whole way though. It takes a lot of guts (or should I say moobs) to share an inter-monologue with the world. I have a loved one in my life who has struggled with obesity and it can be heart breaking. After reading Jeremy’s book I now know how much I didn’t know! It has forever changed the way I will interact with others. My favorite part is the message. If you struggle with any addiction in your life, not just food, this book will speak to you! Thank you Jeremy for the time and effort you put into this story. It was hilarious, smart and touching. This book has all the fun of fiction and all the heart of real struggle.”

– Julie, Reader Comment.

The Gospel According to Chubby is very well done and a compelling read.”

– Jason Boyett, Author of “The Pocket Guide” series and “O Me of Little Faith.”

If Bridget Jones, Dr. Phil and Jesus wrote a book, The Gospel According to Chubby is that book. “

– Nate Sutliff, Contemplative Creativity.

This book changed my life. I’ve tried and failed to lose weight so many times that I honestly thought that an un-happy and overweight life was a life I had to settle for. I took a risk on this book because the title seemed cute. It was the best chance purchase I’ve made in a while. I hope you take a chance on this book the way I did and I hope it blesses you as well.”

– Theodore, Reader Comment.

Finally there is a voice in weight loss that is as accurate as it is authentic. If life is our greatest educator, then Jeremy Rochford is a scholar and “The Gospel According to Chubby” is his thesis.”

– Jose Ortiz, Media Series Design.

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