Motivational Monday’s – “Back” at it?

Do you see that lovely photo to your left over there? You know what it is? It’s my ceiling. And it’s posted because it’s all I’ve seen for the past few days. Why you ask? Because I’m old and stubborn. But to really understand how we got to here we need to first understand how we got here.

My children and I, love to play this game we call “balloon.”

If you’ve never heard of this, it’s very intensive and complicated, so if you want to prepare your note pad, I’ll give you a moment…ok. Everyone ready? Cool. So to play this game called balloon you have to punch a balloon. I know, I know, its crazy. Well, a few days ago we were playing and literally without even moving my feet I through my back out.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

I threw my back out punching a balloon.

And it wasn’t even an epic balloon-it was simply a balloon. I tell you, there is no greater “Welcome to being middle aged” moment than being taken out by a balloon. And so as I sat on the couch, sitting up at the ceiling asking myself “How in the word did I even get here…” I knew I had to face the facts. Because, if we’re being honest, I know how I really got there.

When I was morbidly obese and at my absolute heaviest, I developed a couple of stress fractures in my back that ended up healing and fusing together without me really knowing it. I didn’t learn of this until I had X-rays a few years ago. When the doctor seemed confused as to why I didn’t notice the discomfort, I had to explain to him that when you’re overweight for an extended period of time, you just hurt. And honestly, I had been so large for so long that I had grown accustom to back pain.

Well, as a result of the scar tissue, my back, trunk and core flexibility is just plain awful. And when I’ve done stretching exercises in the past to try and improve my flexibility, well, the feeling is beyond uncomfortable. So I avoid them….or I did until this week. Because, the reality is that you’re only who you are for as long as you are and if you’re not willing to become who you’re becoming then you’re ultimately going to have a very sad go of things.

Who you are at 50, is not who you were at 40

Who you are at 40, is not who you were at 30

Who you are at 30, is not who you were at 20

…and so on and so forth.

This is true about everything. Your metabolism, your ability to bounce back. Your flexibility

It’s often been said that “Youths the most unfaithful mistress, but still we forge ahead to miss her…” and while it’s poetic, I’ve always said that if the best part of your life was 10-20 years ago then you’re doing something wrong. And for me, what I’ve been doing wrong is avoiding the one thing that I need to do to get stronger.

So no more.

No more complaining.

No more procrastinating.

No more overcompensating with resistance and cardiovascular training.

Today, I’m motivated by the things that once scared me.

What’s motivating you today?