Motivational Monday’s – If You Just Pay Attention

What I love most about this photo is that there is actually a stop sign on the package. It’s like it’s telling you “Stop, don’t eat me…I’m not ideal.” But, truth be told, we’re not going to stop. And, if we’re being honest, the warning isn’t against copious consumption, it’s about opening the package in a way that allows it … Read More

Motivational Monday’s – I’m Walking On Sunshine

When I was younger I hated to go to the beach. Ignoring the obvious reasons, like all of the “beached whale” jokes, I was a fair-skinned ginger who had two tones of skin; Pale or Burnt. As I continued to get older, I still didn’t like the beach, I began to develop a love for the outdoors. There was something … Read More

Transformation Thursday – Merica’

Today’s Transformation Thursday takes a moment to recognize the transformation of our country from 13 colonies to 50 states and all the progress in-between. And not just those who founded our country, but recognition for those who have sacrificed so much to sustain it. Thank you… …Happy 4th of July weekend!

Motivational Monday’s – What Does Tomorrow Hold?

I have this unique fascination that I really enjoy; it’s taking selfies in which I mirror my children’s mannerisms. I don’t know why I find it so amazingly funny, but I really enjoy it. I figure that someday when they’re old enough to realize that I’m not as cool as I’d like them to think I am, hopefully we’ll all … Read More

Monday Motivation – Porta Jesus

You know, the great thing about God is that for as large and omnipotent as HE is, he’s also quite portable. True Story. He can go running with you, go driving with you and probably even go to work with you. Pretty much anywhere you’d like to speak God’s influence into…chances are good that he’ll show up. But it kinda … Read More

Monday Motivation- Small Truths = Big Results

It’s been said, normally through bitter emo anthems, that the best part of BeLIEve is the “Lie.” And while part of that might be true, it’s normally only applicable in believing that you can’t be successful. And I’ve always believed this since I realized one very important FACT: Somebody is going to succeed. So if somebody is going to succeed, … Read More

Monday Motivation – The Baseball Card Approach to Weight Loss

I feel like there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to approaching weight loss. I learned this early on in my personal training career when one of my first potential clients said to me, point blank; “I’ll do anything you want me to do, just don’t ask me to give up liquor or fried chicken.” Confused and thankful that … Read More

Monday Motivation- The Day That Changed Everything

I’ll never forget the look in my daughters eyes as I held her for the first time and thought to myself….”Jeremy, whatever you do…do not drop this baby.” It wasn’t the angelic introduction to fatherhood that I expected, but at least it was real. It was as real as the love I felt a few weeks later when a string … Read More