The Irony Of God

One of the little known facts about my wife is that she is an amazing cake artist. See the photo to the left… that’s one she made for her brother’s wedding. It’s honestly a huge blessing to be married to such a talented and giving woman. The picture below shows about half of the cakes we’re taking to an event … Read More

Transformation Thursday- Why I’ve Learned To Embrace Failure

I feel that the biggest misconception when it comes to “failure” is that it’s a complete thought. A destination rather than a check point. I think that idea has lead to a misunderstanding of how wonderfully powerful “failing” can be. Now, as it turns out, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Multi-platinum “everything-er“ Gene Simmons looks at … Read More

The Secret(s) To A Successful Weight Loss Journey

Here's a Cat Jumping over a fence

Do you see that cat up there. He’s a fluffy little fellow-ins’t he? Well, beyond his cuddlyness-there are three other things that capture my attention. He is really determined to jump over that fence. His face shows that he clearly has no idea what’s going to happen when he gets there. Regardless of his uncertainty, he’s still jumping. I think sometimes we feel the … Read More

It Is With Great Sadness…

If there’s one thing I love more than weight loss ramblings and sharing my story w/ my weight loss perspectives, it’s my family. Unfortunately, my sister passed away unexpectedly this past week and truthfully, I’m not sure how to process it. I’m going to need to take a few weeks to be with my loved ones. Thank you for your … Read More

What Type Of Fat Are You?

What Type Of Fat Are You? When it comes to losing weight, or at least the (perceived) need to do so, most people start their journey from one of two origins. They’re either Socially Fat or Scientifically Fat. Which one are you? Wait, what? No one ever asked you that question and you really don’t even know what it means? … Read More