The Allure Of Living On Empty

If you missed what’s written on the sign, it reads: “Now Open, 11.30 until out of Dough.” Let that sink in for a moment. If those bakers we’re the Beastie Boys, their sign might read “No Sleep Till Brooklyn…” Regardless of how it’s read, simply put, what it says is: “We’re going to give you everything we have until we … Read More

Transformation Thursday – Life’s a Beach

I used to hate summer. Now I know what you’re thinking; “Jeremy- how are kids these days wearing underwear to the beach and getting away with calling it a bathing suit? It seems like there’s a whole lot of bathing going on, and not nearly enough suit.” What are kids wearing these days? Looks like a whole lot of bathing … Read More

The Power Of Water

I feel like the next time I go car shopping, my daughter will be the one doing the talking. Though only 4  1/2 years old, she already knows how to negotiate like a boss. I got schooled in her abilities earlier this week when she let me know it was time for her third cup of milk. Now, its not that milk … Read More

The REAL Reason People Want To Lose Weight

All though I’m sure it wasn’t their intention, Hardee’s did all of us a favor when they rolled out their new slogan “Eat Like You Mean It.” Why? Because in 5 simple words they found a way to hold all of us accountable when we say our goal is to “lose weight and get healthy.” How so? Well-we no longer … Read More

Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Were Normal Like Me?

I recently had a friend of mine who was so fed up with their weight loss journey that they literally threw their hands up in frustration and yelled at me: “When will I be normal like you?!?” “When will I be normal like my friends?!?” “When will I be normal like everyone else who get to eat whatever they want?” These … Read More