Motivational Monday’s – You’re Getting Old Son

…so this is me over the weekend. …Grimacing in indescribable pain… Hanging out in an urgent care office while I received a few x-ray’s and 2 EKG test to determine that I either have a pinched nerve, bulging disc in my neck or (lucky for me) both. Hooray for getting older! Either way, there does come a time in your … Read More

Transformation Thursday- How To Eat Out Like A Boss….

One of the most frequent questions I get is: “Jeremy, how can you eat healthy and in a cost appropriate manner at a restaurant?” Well- Here’s how. I start my meal with a salad and if you have a good server, they’ll even refill it for you. Then, I’ll eat about 20% of my entree, normally the part that wont … Read More

One Cup To Rule The World

One of the most common questions I get is “But Jeremy, don’t you every feel like you’ve given up so much to lose weight? Is it really worth it?” And while the easy answer would be “Yes, yes it is…” the truer answer is that I’ve not really given anything up, I simply pressed pause on a lot of things … Read More

Is Weight Watchers Really The Solution?

While doing my morning “reading” I came across a headline that read “Biggest Loser’ Winner Reveals Tragic Reason for Rapid Weight Gain…” and as you can imagine, I was instantly intrigued for many reasons. 1) I’m not really the biggest fan of reality TV. 2) I’m really not a fan of producers taking something as serious as a personal weight … Read More

Motivational Monday’s – A 50% Marathon for 100% of my Heart

Over the weekend I ran my ump-teenth 1/2 marathon in a time that I’m not particularity proud of. If we’re being 100% honest, I forgot about the race until about a week before and I really competed in it simply because I paid the money. Thinking about this way in the days leading up to it put me in a … Read More

Motivational Monday’s – “Back” at it?

Do you see that lovely photo to your left over there? You know what it is? It’s my ceiling. And it’s posted because it’s all I’ve seen for the past few days. Why you ask? Because I’m old and stubborn. But to really understand how we got to here we need to first understand how we got here. My children … Read More

Transformation Thursday – Goal Setting

One of the most crucial elements of keeping weight off, once you’ve lost it, is transitioning from the goals you’ve accomplished to the new one’s you’ve yet to set. Life is no different. One of the goals I’ve had, since I’ve lost my weight, is to write a book that roadmaps exactly how I lost it and more importantly, how … Read More

Jeremy Rochford- Weight Loss Win

I am beyond excited to announce that my story will be shared on Yahoo Health and Yahoo Beauty as their featured “Weight Loss Win.” I’d love for you to check out the article here…