About Jeremy

Jeremy Rochford was your typical American teen. He loved video games, baseball and eating great food. However, his love of food turned into an emotionally unhealthy romance that almost cost him his life. By the time Jeremy was 16 years old he became so overweight that he was asked to leave a Go-Kart Amusement Park Ride for “being too fat.”

This was the point where Jeremy realized that enough was enough. He used what he called, “The most disappointing and embarrassing day of his life” as a catalyst that began a 5 year journey towards health in which he lost over 200 lbs and found meaning with his life.

But that’s not the end of the story…

Today that meaning drives him to bridge the gap between the first-world over-consumption mentality and the third-world poverty epidemic through the power of faith.

You can read about Jeremy’s journey of weight loss and self-discovery in his first book, The Gospel According to Chubby.

Jeremy is also available to speak at live events or provide personal weight loss mentoring.

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