Tim’s Blog-Week 30-It’s Time To Live or Time To Fade…

IMG_8077I have no one to blame but myself. Yep, I’m up a few this week. I’d like to tell you it was due to being overworked, or not having time to go workout, or we were on vacation, or … yeah, I’ve got nothing. A lot of times in my life, more often than I can recall, I make excuses for my weight (or more specifically, my weight gain). This is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life, probably more so then simply my weight was this sense of vanity behind it that there was someone or something else to blame.

It’s funny, how after years and years of telling yourself its not your fault…then realizing More »

Tim’s Blog-Week 28-Hitting The Reset Button

IMG_8077I’ve got a mac computer and I absolutely love it. It’s about 5 years old. Recently, the computer slowed down; it didn’t quite have the speed that it used to. Something wasn’t right. I tried upgrading the software and cleaned out some stuff to clear out hard drive space. Alas, It had to be restored to original factory settings. Once I got it restored and all setup like it was new out of the box, it sprang back to life. The weight of everything that had been added to it over the past 5 years had caught up with it and once that was gone, it had all its speed back. Was it perfect? No. Did it have signs of the age and stress? Yeah. But did it work so much better? Without a doubt!

That’s kind of what we’re doing here. Lacey and I are hitting the reset button and dumping all the weight that we’ve built up over the years. That’s how life is. Sometimes you’ve got to push the reset button and dump the bad stuff that’s bogging you down. These past few weeks…really about the last month or so, Lacey and I just haven’t had the drive. We’ve been on an up/down roller coaster with the weight. But we met last week with Jeremy and renewed the vision. We setup new menu items and reevaluated (really removed) those foods that weren’t really helping us.

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What a Picture Is Worth…

MakeItAChoiceSometimes a photo say’s it all…and sometimes a photo that say’s it all takes a moment to explain what it says. Those moment rarely occur, but when they do, they’re worth more than 1000 words.

Status Report…

Corinne…It’s 6:30 AM on a Saturday. I should be fast asleep. I only have 1 day a week where I have the chance to sleep past 6:30 AM and this is supposed to be it. But no, I am wide awake.

Why am I wide awake?

Because, I am a parent.

About 15 minutes ago, my slumber was interrupted by the half scream/half shriek that was emanating from my daughters room. Upon hearing it, I jumped out of bed and ran over to find her balled up in the corner of her crib screaming LAIDIE BUG….LAIDIE BUG…..in between cries and screams for help because, yes in fact, there was 1 singular lady bug in her room. Mind you, this predator of the night particular lady bug wasn’t moving, wasn’t flying, it wasn’t even within 10 feet of my daughter, and how she saw it from so far away I’ll never know because without our glasses both mommy and daddy are legally blind, but to my her, seeing this lady bug made her feel like she was diving in shark infested waters without a cage during a feeding frenzy.

In short, she needed saving, she needed daddy.

So after about 20 minutes of cuddling, we found ourselves sitting on the couch watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates eating Cheerios as though nothing happened all the while I’m thinking…”Well, maybe I’ll get to sleep-in next weekend.”

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Guest Post Tim Southwick: 6 Steps to Healthy, Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping- Part 2 (The Entree)

TimSweaterIf you happened to miss Part 1- Check out here…if you’re up to speed, then lets jump right in….

Step 4 – Meal Prep and Set up – Do whatever you can when you get home from the store to prep meals for the week. Take the time to clean the old food out of the fridge and strategically place items where they need to be. Make sure you’ve got the grab and go snack items up front. Hide your lunch stuff in a drawer. That keeps your lunch stuff safe and easy to find! Consider labeling your fridge to keep things where they need to be so you don’t accidentally eat all your lunch stuff for dinner on Monday night. That will mess up your budget. This sounds very complicated and time intensive, but the truth is that it’s simple. What Lacey and I do is we make it our commercial break incentive. We’re hanging out watching How I Met Your Mother and then boom, a commercial and we’re organizing. Then, the TV’s back and so are we. It’s our way of reclaiming time that we would have normally given away to someone trying to sell us something we don’t need or want and using it for something we do.

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Tim’s Blog-Week 26: 6 Steps to Healthy, Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping- Part 1 (The Appetizer)

IMG_8077I’ve often wondered how so many people could eat so well, stay so healthy and do it in such an affordable manner. I questions if there was something I was missing. If, some how, some where, there was a secret plan that would allow me also to run Kroger like Diddy runs New York.

Well, after a few months of eating well and losing some weight, I think I’ve cracked the code and I would love nothing more to share it with you.

Here’s the warm up tip: Don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER go to the grocery store hungry.

Just don’t do it.

Trust me. It’s a disaster. Not only will it destroy your caloric budget for the day, but you’ll have to take out a second mortgage just to pay for it all. Yeah, they might convince you that if you buy 10 that you’ll save $6, but when you spend and extra $200 to save $18, it doesn’t lead to an equation that Dave Ramsey would approve of.

But seriously, how have we found success in the grocery aisle?
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For a First Effort This Seems Kind Of Last Ditch…

CreamPuffAm I alone in noticing that almost everything these days has some from of “hyper” precursor? Things such as “Bold” flavors, “Insanity” workouts, “Power” yoga and even “Extreme” bible studies are all norm these days. I find this situation a little ironic because some of them don’t really make sense to me. Things like “Extreme Bible Studies,” to me, would conger up a vision of being on a zip-lined above some massive amount of shrubbery all the while I’m shouting out verses of Leviticus to those in my small group.

But is that how the book is designed to be used?


So what made this bible study so “Extreme” in the eyes of the publisher?

Michael W. Smith wrote the foreword.

That’s it.

There was crazy. There was nothing scandalous. There was no new groundbreaking information about the lost 14th Disciple or anything. In short, there was nothing “Extreme” about it.

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Tim’s Blog-Week 25: Oh Eff………..ort

IMG_8077Effort takes time.

Effort takes work.

Effort isn’t easy.

Effort means choosing to do the hard thing when quitting is so much easier. And all you want to do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about effort lately; about doing whatever it takes to achieve what you really want. Pursing a dream isn’t easy. Doing something that takes effort can be very exhausting. But I guess if pursuing a dream was easy we’d have more accomplishers and less dreamers. I love being a dreamer but I also love being a do-er. Because, I’ve noticed, when I work on fixing (maybe straightening up?) one part of my life, then there’s a ripple affect and I start becoming diligent in many the others. It’s like one feeds off of the other.

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Today Is The New Tomorrow

Dad2There are many things I admire about my father, almost too many to count. If I had to narrow it down to the one thing I admire most, it would be his never-ending desire to problem solve. When my sister and I were young, rather than investing in yearly vacations and other “things,” my parents decided to invest in a small cottage about 3 hours from where we grew up. At the time and even still in hindsight, I think it was a great decision. I have sooooooooooo many great memories from going up to the cottage. We still took a few vacations, but non of those memories even come close to the memories I have from “The Cottage Summers.”

Well, as my sister and I got older the trips we took up there became less and less frequent to the point where we would only go up about twice a year, once to winterize it and once to thaw it out. The lack of attention took its toll and by the time my sister and I graduated and moved away from Pittsburgh, the cottage looked less like a house and more like a shed.

Never wanting to leave a problem unsolved, my father made it his goal to rehabilitate the property and over the course of 8 years he took it from “virtually unlivable” to “this is so legit, we’re going to retire here.” And, he wasn’t kidding. I had the good fortune to visit it a year or so ago and man, it looked amazing.

The final improvement was made in late 2012. That was it, the project was done!

…and within less than a year, my father passed away.

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Into The Boundless Void I Leap

CatDo you see that cat up there. There are three things in that photo that stick
out to me.

1) He is so determined to jump over that fence

2) He clearly has no idea what’s going to happen when he gets there.

3) Regardless of #2, he’s still going.

I think sometimes we want to have all the answers before we start but if there’s anything this photo has taught me, its that they’re not always needed to go.

I’m huge on strategies but sometimes, it’s just time to start. You don’t need the newest app, you don’t need the newest equipment, you don’t need the cutest gym outfit, you just need to start. Sometimes “starting” means starting over. I’m looking at you lapsed new years resolutionists.

So how do we do that?
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Jeremy Rochford was your typical American teen. He loved video games, baseball and eating great food. However, his love of food turned into an emotionally unhealthy romance that almost cost him his life. By the time Jeremy was 16 years… Read More »

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