Weight Loss Mentor

men•tor /ˈmenˌtôr/
an experienced and trusted adviser.

Jeremy is an author, speaker, and weight loss mentor helping people attain long-term health goals.

  • His story is AMAZING! To learn from Jeremy’s journey and the places he’s been is very encouraging.
    Mike Weaver

  • I am constantly inspired by the work Jeremy does and think you will be too!
    Jon Acuff

  • …this dude is Legit!
    Craig Gross

Jeremy’s Story

By the time Jeremy was 16 years old he became so overweight that he was asked to leave a go-kart amusement park ride for “being too fat.” He used this experience which he called, “The most disappointing and embarrassing day of his life” as the catalyst that began a five year journey toward health in which he lost over 200 lbs and found meaning with his life.

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Jeremy Today

Today Jeremy is a weight loss mentor, author, and speaker guiding people who are weary from the roller coaster of fad diets and temporary gym memberships through the journey of genuine long-term weight loss.

Don’t get back on the roller coaster. There is a better way.

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